Alpha Stainless Steel Encapsulated Bottom 07 Litre Pressure Cookers with Steamers

  • Nonstick Encapsulated Bottoms.
  • Food Grade & Hygenic Materials.
  • Heavy Duty Export Quality Stainless Steel.
  • Suitable for all Kind of Stoves & Induction.
Product Code: APC07
Brand: Ramzan Stainless Steel
Warranty: N/A
Rs. 14,265 Rs. 15,915
You save Rs. 1,650 (10% Off)

Discover Unparalleled Cooking Efficiency With the Alpha Stainless Steel Encapsulated Bottom Pressure Cookers Featuring a Dual-layer Capsuled Bottom. This Innovative Design Ensures Even Heat Distribution, Guaranteeing Perfectly Cooked Meals Every Time. Safety Takes Center Stage in Our Pressure Cookers. Crafted With Hygiene and Your Well-being in Mind, These Cookers Are Not Only Heavy-duty but Also Adhere to the Highest Safety Standards. You Can Trust to Provide a Cooking Solution That Prioritizes the Health of Your Loved Ones. The Heavy-duty Construction of Our Pressure Cookers Speaks Volumes About Their Durability and Reliability. Built to Withstand the Rigors of Daily Use, These Cookers Are a Testament to Alpha's Commitment to Quality. Embrace the Future of Cooking With the Induction-compatible Feature of Our Pressure Cookers. Experience the Convenience of Modern Technology as You Cook With Precision and Control on Induction Stovetops, Bringing a New Level of Versatility to Your Kitchen. Our Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers Are Not Just for Local Use—they Boast Export Quality. Elevate Your Cooking Experience With a Product That Meets International Standards, Ensuring That You Can Showcase the Excellence of Pakistani Craftsmanship to the World. Incorporating These Points, the Alpha Stainless Steel Encapsulated Bottom Pressure Cookers With Steamer From Are More Than Just Kitchen Appliances; They Are a Statement of Quality, Safety, and Innovation. Join Us in Redefining the Culinary Experience.

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