DMW Milton Gracious 88PCS Double Glazed Melamine Dinnersets

Product Code: DMWMGR05
Brand: Dove Melamine Wares
Warranty: N/A
Rs. 17,495 Rs. 19,945
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Milton Gracious Dinnerware Set, a Perfect Blend of Contemporary Style and Timeless Elegance That Will Elevate Your Dining Table to New Heights. With Its Sleek Round Shape and Refreshing Color Palette, This Set Adds a Modern Touch to Any Decor, Making It an Ideal Choice for Those Seeking a Sophisticated Aesthetic. The Standout Feature of the Milton Gracious Dinnerware Set Lies in Its Exquisite Soup Serving Bowl. This Bowl Comes Complete With a Beautifully Designed Glass Lid, Adorned With a Stunning Crystal Knob That Catches the Light and Captivates the Eye. The Addition of This Intricate Detail Enhances the Overall Sophistication of the Set, Transforming It Into a True Statement Piece That Will Impress Your Guests. Designed to Be Versatile and Practical, the Milton Gracious Dinner Set is Suitable for All Occasions. Whether You Are Hosting a Grand Gala or Enjoying an Intimate Dinner With Loved Ones, This Dinnerware Set Effortlessly Combines Functionality With Aesthetic Appeal. Its Durable Construction Ensures Long-lasting Performance, While Its Refined Design Ensures That It Remains a Timeless Addition to Your Dining Experience. Be It a Special Event or a Casual Gathering, the Milton Gracious Dinnerware Set Brings Grace and Sophistication to Your Table. Its Contemporary Style, Paired With the Attention to Detail in the Soup Serving Bowl, Sets It Apart as a Distinguished Choice for Those Who Appreciate Both Form and Function. Make a Lasting Impression on Your Guests and Indulge in the Pleasure of Fine Dining With This Remarkable Dinnerware Set. Experience the Perfect Fusion of Modern Aesthetics and Timeless Elegance With the Milton Gracious Dinnerware Set. Elevate Your Dining Experience and Create Unforgettable Moments at Every Meal With This Exquisite Collection That Seamlessly Blends Style, Functionality, and Sophistication.

Specifications of DMW Milton Gracious 88PCS Double Glazed Melamine Dinnersets

Product Specifications
Size: 88PCS Dinnersets
Material: Melamine Dinnersets
Colour: White
Design: Printed Designs
Finish: Smooth
Durability: Good
Insulation: N/A
Weight: Heavy
Style: Special
Handling: N/A
Safety: N/A
Features: Serving
Lid Type: Glass & Mealmine Lids
Resitance: N/A
Function: Seving
Speciality: Double Galzing
Warranty: N/A
Model: Alluring
Origin: Pakistan
Conductive: N/A
Eco-friendly: Yes
Surface: Dual Glazed
Hygienic: Yes
Pattern: N/A
Gripping: N/A
Induction Usablity: No
Usability: Serving & Microwave
Technology: Multi Glazed
Brand: Dove Melamine Wares
Base: N/A