Happy Crown Prima 3PCS Hotpots Giftsets

Brand: Happy House
Warranty: N/A
Rs. 14,635 Rs. 16,995
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Happy Crown Prima 3pcs Hotpots Sets, a Culinary Masterpiece That Combines Functionality and Aesthetics. Crafted With Utmost Precision, These Hotpots Are Designed to Elevate Your Cooking and Dining Experience. Made From High-quality Materials, They Are Built to Withstand the Rigors of Daily Use While Maintaining Their Stunning Appearance.

The Set Features Three Distinct Hotpots, Each With Its Own Size and Purpose. The Varying Capacities Cater to Your Different  Needs, Whether You're Serving Family Meal or Hosting a Gathering With Friends. The Black and Golden Marble Effect Adorning These Hotpots Adds a Touch of Elegance and Sophistication to Your Kitchen and Dining Table.

These Hotpots Are Equipped With Advanced Heat Retention Technology, Ensuring That Your Food Stays Piping Hot for Longer Durations. The Sturdy Handles Provide a Secure Grip, Allowing You to Effortlessly Carry and Serve Your Culinary Creations. The Tight-fitting Lids Lock in Moisture, Flavors, and Aromas, Preserving the Integrity of Your Dishes. The Durable Construction Ensures That These Hotpots Maintain Their Exceptional Performance and Stunning Appearance Over Time.

Invest in the Happy Crown Prima 3pcs Hotpots Sets and Impress Your Guests With Beautifully Presented Meals and Enjoy the Convenience and Reliability of These Top-of-the-line Hotpots. Experience the Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality in Your Cooking Journey.

Specifications of Happy Crown Prima 3PCS Hotpots Giftsets

Product Specifications
Size: Small , Medium & Large.
Material: Plastic
Colour: Golden & Black
Design: Crown Prima
Finish: Golden Marble
Durability: Tough
Insulation: Yes
Weight: Normal
Style: Luxury
Handling: Dual Handles
Safety: Yes
Features: Stylish Hotpots
Lid Type: Same as Body
Resitance: Heat Resitance
Function: Hot Keeping
Speciality: Luxur Looks
Warranty: N/A
Model: Crown Prima
Origin: Pakistan
Conductive: N/A
Eco-friendly: Yes
Surface: Smooth
Hygienic: Food Grade
Pattern: Yes
Gripping: Handles
Induction Usablity: N/A
Usability: Serving
Technology: N/A
Brand: Happy House
Base: Flat Base