Happy Handsome Metallic Hotpot Cooler Sets

Product Code: 031053
Brand: Happy House
Rs. 9,185

Affordable giftpack Set Price in Pakistan

  • Happy Handsome (4 Pc) giftpack set
  •  Hot Pot And Giftpack's stylish and unique design
  • Glass top hot pot
  • Made from stainless steel in mirror finish.
  • Giftpack sizes : Large Hotpot: 4000 ml, Medium Hotpot: 1500 ml, Small Hotpot: 750 ml, Cooler: 8.5 Ltr


Elegant Look Giftpack Set

The Handsome 4pcs giftpack set is made of food-safe plastic with a stainless steel inner shell for a long-lasting  Plastic Insulated Hot Pot. Side handles are included to make handling more accessible, and stylish color finishes are available. It features a glass top so that people may see the nutrients within. The most significant feature is that the Insulated Giftpack comes with a hot pot set and a cooler, which is within budget.

Inside and exterior, this hot pot is insulated with thermal steel to keep meals warm and cool. As a result, it is easy to serve both warm and cold dishes beautifully while maintaining the ideal temperature throughout the day. This attractive hot pot set is lightweight and easy to clean  — Hot pot set sizes are; small (750 ml), medium (1500 ml), and large (4000 ml) and a Cooler size is 8.5 Ltr.

Handsome, unique giftpack is advantageous for holidays, dinner parties, picnics, and dinners. Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Pot will keep your fried items crunchy. Hot Pot And Giftpack's stylish and unique design will add a touch of class to your dining table! Happy House handsome giftpack double-wall robust and durable hotpots are made from stainless steel in mirror finish.

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