Happy Hot Value Elegant Premium Gold Glass Top 3PCS Hotpots & Cooler Giftsets.

  • Modern, Stylish and Elegant Gold Design.
  • Multi Insulation & Lasting Temperature Control.
  • Durable & Long-Lasting with Side Handles.
  • Perfect for Every Events and Everyday Use.
Product Code: HHVGGL
Brand: Happy House
Warranty: N/A
Rs. 8,925 Rs. 9,875
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Happy Hot Value Elegant Floral Design Premium 3PCS Hotpots & Cooler Giftsets – A Versatile  Collection That Enhances Your Dining Experience. With Side Handles for Easy Transport and Built to Last, These Hot Pots Are Both Convenient and Durable. The Giftpack Features an Elegant Floral Design and Offers Various Sizes, Including a Large Hotpot (4000ml), Medium Hotpot (1500ml), Small Hotpot (750ml), and a 14-liter Cooler. Keep Your Food Hot and Fresh for Up to 6 Hours With Our Plastic Insulated Hot Pot. It's Perfect for Preserving Food Flavor, and our Stainless Steel Insulated Hotpot Features Double-walled Insulation to Maintain Food Temperature, Making It Ideal for Dinner Parties and Celebrations. Available in Three Sizes, This Giftpack Combines Convenience and a Great Experience for You and Your Guests.

Specifications of Happy Hot Value Elegant Premium Gold Glass Top 3PCS Hotpots & Cooler Giftsets.

Product Specifications
Size: N/A
Material: Plastic
Colour: N/A
Design: Hot Value
Finish: N/A
Durability: Good
Insulation: Yes
Weight: N/A
Style: N/A
Handling: Side Handling
Safety: N/A
Features: N/A
Lid Type: Glass Lids
Resitance: N/A
Function: Hot Keeping
Speciality: N/A
Warranty: N/A
Model: N/A
Origin: Pakistan
Conductive: N/A
Eco-friendly: N/A
Surface: Designed
Hygienic: Yes
Pattern: N/A
Gripping: Integrated Handles
Induction Usablity: N/A
Usability: N/A
Technology: N/A
Brand: Happy House
Base: N/A