Sonex Premium Multi Layered Nonstick 40CM Cooking Wok with Glass Lids.

  • Premium Nonstick PTF Coated Woks.
  • Ergonomic Heat-Resistant Handles.
  • Versatile Compatibility With Various Stoves.
  • Multiple Sizes to Suit Different Needs.
Product Code: SNW50052
Brand: Sonex Nonstick
Warranty: N/A
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Sonex Premium Multi Layered Nonstick 27CM Cooking Wok With Glass Lids, Now Available at This Kitchen Marvel Combines Innovation and Functionality to Redefine Your Cooking Experience. The Spacious 27CM  Design Provides Ample Room for Versatile Cooking, While the Advanced Nonstick Technology Ensures Effortless Food Release and Easy Cleaning. The Inclusion of Glass Lids Adds a Layer of Convenience, Allowing You to Monitor Your Culinary Creations With Precision. Crafted for Both Style and Performance, This Cooking Wok is a Must have for Every Kitchen.

Specifications of Sonex Premium Multi Layered Nonstick 40CM Cooking Wok with Glass Lids.

Product Specifications
Size: 40CM
Material: Aluminum
Colour: Black
Design: N/A
Finish: Nonstick
Durability: Good
Insulation: N/A
Weight: N/A
Style: N/A
Handling: N/A
Safety: N/A
Features: N/A
Lid Type: Glass Lids
Resitance: N/A
Function: Cooking
Speciality: N/A
Warranty: N/A
Model: N/A
Origin: Pakistan
Conductive: N/A
Eco-friendly: Yes
Surface: Nonstick
Hygienic: Yes
Pattern: Hygienic:
Gripping: Dual Handles
Induction Usablity: N/A
Usability: Electric Gas Stove
Technology: N/A
Brand: Sonex.
Base: N/A